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2019 Primary Elections Results and upcoming Municipal Elections In November, 2019

Voter Information

To view the 2019 primary election results, click here: Primary Electons Results

The next election will be a Municipal General Election on Tuesday, November 5th.

See our November Voters Guide.


Montgomery County now has a NEW VOTING SYSTEM

Montgomery County has a new voter-marked paper ballot system with a verifiable paper trail that will be in place beginning with the May 2019 primary election.

For detailed information, instructions and instructional videos, click here: New Voting System

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, address, or name?

You can register to vote online, check your registration status and find your polling place, among other voter services, at the Pennsylvania Department of State's website

Our League will be hosting College Voter Registration Drives this fall. Check our event calendar to learn more!

Please make sure you are registered, and commit to vote in every election, to keep our democracy healthy!